ATTENTION, all you single christian ladies!

ESTROGEN ALERT: Sorry fellas, you can just glaze over this post and check back tomorrow. 😉

If you happen to be in possession of two X chromosomes, you know there are a lot of great things that come with being a girl.

But alas, life as a girl is not without its host of problems. Especially if you are of the single Christian girl variety.

And problems seem to always go better with a hashtag in front of them.

So ladies, I’d love to know:

what is your problem

This blog has taught me a lot of things, including a refresher course in geography. I’m super blessed and excited that I have devoted followers from all over the world—a special shout out to my peeps in Switzerland, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, and the UK (just to name a few!).

And I want to hear from all of you!

Whether it’s an awkward encounter with an ex in the Alps or your problem always ends in: “eh?” I want to hear it in the comments section below! Let’s share the fun, awkward, exciting, embarrassing, ridiculous, weird, and unique problems to being in this stage of life together!

Submit your TOP THREE #christiangirlproblems in the comments section of this post with the format:






Looking forward to sharing our #christiangirlproblems!



1. “Are we currently experiencing an earthquake or is that your biological clock ticking?”

really you want to go there lifeinpub

2. “I just know you are going to find someone soon and be married within 6 months!”

delusional lifeinpublishing

3. “So tell me, any new guys in your life? Wink, wink!”

dont ask me about in a relationship

4. “It’s too bad you’re allergic to cats. They make great companions. Especially in large quantities.”

rude don qui qui

5. “Why don’t you just put yourself out there more?”

uncle si im invisible

6. “There are plenty of fish in the sea!”


7. “God is going to bring him into your life when you least expect it!”

monsters inc girl blink

8. “You’re still single because guys are intimidated by you.”

when someone tells me im too intimidating to date

9. “Guys don’t like girls who can eat more Christmas cookies than them.”

michael scott you are a thief of joy

10. “My coworker’s brother has a sister who has a son who has a friend who just got out on parole…He’s tall!”

no thank you tina fey

11. “You’re just too picky.”

throne of lies

12. “Why don’t you create accounts on eHarmony, Christian Mingle, Plenty of Fish,, and heck, put up a Craigslist ad ‘Single and Christian on Christmas’ just to cover all your bases?”

aint nobody got time for dat

13. “If all else fails, I heard a rumor that the government might be legalizing marriage of first cousins.”

lucille ball

14. “Enjoy being single while you can!”

christina aguilera preach

15. “Do you know what happened to all the Christmas cookies?”

shirley temple giggle