Singleness is the new black


Like the president of Russia deeming the Olympic ceremonies open, I deem singleness the new black.

Cue torch:

olympic torch

Because let’s face it: singleness is like glitter at a crafts table.

It’s everywhere.

Now more than ever, people are getting married later in life. Now more than ever, articles about singleness are spreading like the bubonic plague. Now more than ever, singleness isn’t a curse. It’s OK.

And dare I say it, it’s COOL.

Sure, there are a host of reasons why our culture is seeing a plethora of singles: couples are already cohabitating, marriage isn’t viewed as necessary anymore, college grads are crippled by student loans, etc. But there are a host of different reasons You love singleness: we have unprecedented amounts of time to serve You in ways you created us uniquely for right now.

While our culture may view singleness as cool in their own eyes, I see singleness as cool from Your eyes.

I’m sensing a Paul revival a la 1 Corinthians 7:34-35 in light of 7:8:

Singleness: it’s all good.

Your happily single child,


Celebrating singleness!

so whos single

You know what day Friday is.

A day heralded by chubby babies with wings bearing candy in the shape of hearts and showering red roses by the dozens.

But we don’t have to talk about V-day (dare I say the whole word?!) in hushed (bitter) tones. Friday doesn’t have to be depressing.

What if we celebrated our singleness instead of wallowing in it?

So I’d like to hear what you ENJOY about being single. Share and leave a reason or two why it’s great to be single by leaving a comment below. And check back Friday to see what I’ve come up with from your comments! 🙂

– m



Which is the same as NBSB (No Backstreet Boys) because you are still waiting for Justin Timberlake to knock on your door and say:



Based off J’s #christiangirlproblem: “Seriously, NBSB?! (No Boyfriend Since Birth) (why, is it a mortal sin?)”

Thanks for sharing, J (!


scared baby

Based off Elyse’s #christiangirlproblem: “Fear. When/if God brings my dreamboat along, setting sail into the sunset is pretty scary! I’ve been single for a long time and haven’t dated anyone since being saved (2.5 years ago). Am I ready to date? If so, what will that even look like?”

Thanks for sharing, Elyse (!

A shout out to all my single ladies!

thank you phil

A special thank you to all the ladies who shared their #christiangirlproblems on my post “Attention, all you single christian ladies!”

As a special shout out, I will be featuring one of your #christiangirlproblems on my blog throughout the week!

So stay tuned! And thanks for sharing in this great stage of life together!

– m

PS. If you haven’t had a chance to comment on the post yet– it’s not too late! I’d love to hear your #christiangirlproblems!