Dear interwebs: Instagram

There seems to be a sweeping epidemic running rampant through our generation: an incurable condition in which one needs to document every piece of food one eats throughout the day.

In a collage.

Perhaps it’s the allure of a year in which we weren’t even born yet that makes the 1977 filter of the sushi rolls worthy of capturing on film. Maybe it’s the black and white Willow filter that turns our apple into art. Or, quite possibly, it’s the filter named after a great lake we just couldn’t remember the name of in geography class that makes our breakfast burrito bona fide photography.

Now that I’ve finally obtained a smart phone of my own and joined the ranks of the 21st century, I’ve noticed there have been some unloved objects that haven’t been documented via the Instagrams.

This is the Instagram for the unsung, undocumented heroes of inanimate objects:

An Ode to the Paperclip

Paper clip

More than Functionality

Toilet paper

Always Underneath, Never on Top


Don’t Push My Buttons


My Trash, Your Treasure


The Anatomy of a Q-Tip


These exquisite art collages are available for purchase.*

* I’m kidding. Unless you’re not– in which case we’ll start the base price at $1000.

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