PITTSBURGH—Bethany Murphy’s public Pinterest board entitled “My Future Wedding Day” has tripled in pins since last Thursday when she met Tim Cuthbert at her young adult bible study.

“He befriended me on Facebook the next morning at exactly 9:02 AM,” Murphy squealed. “At exactly 11:15 AM he then sent me a chat that said ‘Hey wats up.’”

Proving that love is blind, especially to grammatical errors, Murphy began to furiously pin DIY wedding favors, centerpieces, and bridal party photography ideas to her board. It is evident by her choices that she is struggling between magenta or rose with an accent of twine.

“I have yet to see which color looks best with his eye color,” Murphy explained. “Also if he has an allergy to hemp.”

It is safe to say, however, she will be choosing above the knee bridesmaids dresses with a sweetheart neckline as 27 pins with above the knee bridesmaids dresses with a sweetheart neckline all have the caption “i ❤ this.”

Because her Pinterest is still connected to Facebook, Murphy lost 215 friends since last Thursday. Thirty-five other friends blocked her from their news feed.

Several sources from within the young adult bible study have reported that Cuthbert has also befriended six other girls within the group and initiated chats with first lines such as “hi” and “how r u.” One source claims he even asked her “wat u got goin on this week.”

When asked which girl Cuthbert is more likely to choose, a source that would like to remain anonymous commented, “It’s still too soon to tell. Also, I’m not sure how his girlfriend would react.”


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