Singleness is not an excuse for selfishness


As I move into the last year of my twenties, even the thought of owning a houseplant still seems like too much of a tie-me-down commitment. As a single, I want my life to be my own.

And I must confess: I love it that way. In fact, I love it too much.

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There are a lot of things I’ve seen people stick on their cars. Antlers. Pink handlebar moustaches. Menorahs.

But the stick figure family bumper sticker has infected more cars than the Toyota recall of yesteryear.

stick figure

So what do you do if you are a single girl sans stick companions to slap on your car’s rear window?


For the single girl who has everything she will ever need:

girl and nutella 2

me myself i 2

me and jesus 2

girl netflix 2 copy



For the single and searching girl:

single and searching 2



For the single girl who has given up all hope:

cat lady 2

You’re welcome, ladies. You’re welcome.